Adam Furness \ Product Designer
Adam Furness \ Product Designer


Northlane Node (Unified) campaign website design and UX by Sydney-based creative Adam Furness



Designing a promotional platform and tour diary for a much-anticipated album release. 

Roles: UX / Creative Direction


Project summary

The Northlane microsite presented an opportunity to do something quite innovative for a band with a growing international presence. The objective was to design a digital platform to tease the release of their much anticipated album Node.

Central to the platform was exclusive content targeted at hardcore fans; behind the scenes video and track premieres, photography and tour diaries written by the band themselves. It was also used to announce new merchandise and drive traffic to their digital store.

The interface built upon the album’s occult middle-eastern symbolism and mythical references to create a rich experience loaded with mystery. From the coded introduction that deciphered upon scrolling, through to the nebulous nodal interface, the website was visited by tens of thousands of fans in the weeks leading to the album release.

Project credits: design: Mikel Longa, interaction concept co-creation: Paul Kim

Unlike our usual approach of immediacy and ease of use, this interface was intentionally mysterious; supporting the album narrative and encouraging discovery.