Adam Furness \ Product Designer
Adam Furness \ Product Designer

Coles Prepaid Cards

Coles Prepaid Cards platform service design by Sydney based digital, UX and service designer Adam Furness



Shaping a product used by millions of Australians every day. 

Roles: UX / Product Design / Service Design


Project summary

Partnering with financial payment business Indue provided the opportunity to work alongside a dedicated Agile development team. We worked collaboratively, learning from each other's mistakes and discoveries as we went along. 

From product marketing through to purchase, activation and maintenance, great effort and detail went into shaping the entire service. Multiple product types all with varying rules, activation protocols involving email, passwords, account recovery, various top-up methods – it was an extensive project to say the least. 

The platform performed extremely well when tested independently with users. Not only did it need to pass user testing, it also had to adhere to accessibility guidelines as well as stand up to the rigours of both the Indue and Coles internal and brand standards. The result: a high-performing service platform used by millions of Australians every day. 

Project credits: project management and development Indue. All relevant IP and copyrights owned by the respective businesses. Additional UX and design: Katie Walker.

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Just one of the multitude of user journeys mapped during the UX design phase.