Adam Furness \ Product Designer
Adam Furness \ Product Designer
07_carvid_hero_drive.jpg website design and brand identity by Sydney digital and experience designer Adam Furness



Bringing to life a new brand that's an old hand in the automotive industry. 

Roles: UX / Brand / Product Naming / Creative Direction / Art Direction / Design


Project summary

Simplicity was the guiding principle for this project; from brand through to UX, content and even in how new products were named. It was important to be simple because the subject is complex, the market is congested and the platform needed to be easy to use.

We continued the theme in our approach to designing the service; from obtaining a quote using the floating quote bar, to making it easier for existing customers to manage their products. Visually, simplicity is conveyed through the use of illustrations, rounded interface elements and loads of white space, which all contribute to a warmth and playfulness often absent in the car insurance industry. 

A key component of the project was the product video for ProtectPlus, which uses a funny story of a family in a sticky situation. 

Project credits: design & illustration: Mikel Longa, animation: Motionlab.

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Video for the insurance package "ProtectPlus". A unique product offering that needed a descriptive yet compelling name that reinforced the parent brand.