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Adobe Creative Cloud Blog: Ask a UXpert

 Image sourced from original article, property of Adobe.

Image sourced from original article, property of Adobe.


Last month I had the opportunity to contribute to the Adobe Creative Cloud Blog as a 'UXpert'. While I doubt my expert cred, I certainly had some thoughts on the topic:

"What Are The Biggest Misconceptions UX Designers Have About Users?"

My answer: that users can be easily defined. Sure, as UX designers we need to make assumptions, especially initially and especially when real data isn't available or is hard to source. And it goes beyond capturing information, we must advocate for our users and connect with their plights. We must deliver empathy – not just talk about it; it needs to live in our designs.

My contribution to the article is below.

When you think about it, it’s quite pretentious of us to suggest we can define and predict our users so accurately. People are flawed, we are unique and no matter how heavy that research deck is or how much it cost, it’s never going to define your users well enough. Humans don’t make optimal choices, we forget and we fail. Forgiving frameworks, understanding user intent and providing more than one way to succeed in a task are all important considerations for UX designers. It’s more than just learning; it’s about having an underlying sense of empathy for our users and knowing that we can never really know it all.

Check out what the others had to say in the full article.

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