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And We. Are. Live.

 That's me, creepin' around the streets, posing in front of murals.

That's me, creepin' around the streets, posing in front of murals.

After almost ten years as a creative professional I finally have my own personal website! (HOORAH!) Yeah, I've shared my work online many times before but this is different: I wanted something more permanent. I also wanted something I could use to share my thoughts and ideas.

I usually have a lot to say on things I'm passionate about, and I'm always trying to learn something new so it just makes sense to document it. Maybe someone will find it useful or amusing. Probably the latter. I'm going to try and set a schedule and fire off a short blog once every short while (notice how I didn't commit to a timeframe?), just seeing how it goes initially.

Things that are of interest to me at the moment are professional and personal development, design practice, all of the digital things (all of them!), and particularly how design and designers, can change the world (we can, I'm sure of it).

For anyone who stumbles here – or anyone I beg to give it a look (let's face it), I have a warning, it is this: I write like a 50 year old English professor with a spoon up his bum. Or at least, that's my default. Somehow this kid from the Western Suburbs of Sydney picked up a knack for writing this way. Maybe it was a head knock. Who knows. But that's the other thing, this blog will act as a way for me to practice writing – so apologies in advance.

That'll do pig, that'll do – wish me luck!