Personal website of digital creative, experience designer and leader of creative teams, Adam Furness.


Product and experience designer,
leader of creative teams. Sneaker collector. Art and science nerd. Skip the spiel and email me.



I'm a product and experience designer and leader of creative teams. I’ve spent almost ten years working in creative and digital agencies, and the last six in leadership roles. I’ve worked for the big brands, not for profits and just about every industry you can think of.

UX and UI design is my bread and butter, but I’m also a strong creative generalist and problem-solver. I’m equally comfortable running a UX workshop and presenting to clients as I am getting on the tools in the studio. 

For me it comes down to solving problems creatively, in ways that make life a little better for the people who use our products and platforms. 

I’m also interested in process and how it can free up design teams to focus on being creative. I’ve found process and people to be two of the most important yet often neglected ingredients in doing great work.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work for brands like Toyota, Coles, Vodafone and The City of Sydney. I’ve also worked with some amazing people, such as those at Hudl, where I'm currently Product Designer.

On a more personal note, I’ve been married for 2 years to my beautiful wife Paige. She’s put up with my shenanigans now for almost 10 years. I’ve just officially given up my dream of being a rock star, having played in a reasonably successful band for many years. I collect tattoos and sneakers, love all things art and science and can be a bit of a sports nut at times.


I'm considering interesting side projects, writing and speaking opportunities so please get in touch if I can help. 




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